Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal Free Dentistry

Advantages of Metal Free Dentistry

In the past, when you needed a tooth filled or capped, you had to settle for an unsightly metal compound that could potentially cause more harm than good.  

The Problems with Amalgam in Dentistry

Metal fillings are easily affected by temperature changes, and can contract and expand, weakening the structure of the tooth itself.  This makes it far easier for bacteria to set in, causing rapid tooth decay.

More of the tooth structure must be removed to accommodate amalgam fillings.  Large amalgam fillings, especially in molars, can eventually cause the tooth to weaken, producing stress fractures, chipping and possibly to fragment.

Research has been and is being conducted regarding the toxicity of amalgam fillings.  Findings are inconclusive and many health and oral health organizations have deemed it safe, though some findings have shown toxicity.

The Benefits of the Present

New technology known as metal free dentistry, utilizes porcelain, glass, quartz and a specially designed resin that will be compatible with your teeth and body, ensuring you of lasting good health with their use.  

These new dental appliances cost less and take less time to fit into or on your teeth.  Highly customizable in use, it takes far less material than before to fill a cavity with the glass and quartz resin mix and porcelain crowns, inlays and veneers can be fitted quickly and easily.

Less tooth structure needs to be removed to accommodate the new materials resulting in smaller fillings.  These new materials can also be "bonded" or adhesively held in a cavity, often allowing the dentist a more conservative repair to the tooth.  

Longer Lasting

The appliances used in today's metal free dentistry also last far longer, thanks to the composite of materials used in them.  Porcelain might seem delicate, but it is actually the closest in tensile strength to natural tooth material itself.  Veneers made of it can be shaded to match the rest of your teeth, making it impossible to detect the veneer.  For the money, today's metal-free appliances are a very worthwhile investment in your health.

Safe Removal

Gilmore Dental utilizes technology called Isodry.  The Isodry dental isolation provides for patient comfort and safety.  The mouthpiece retracts the patients tongue and cheek while protecting the airway from tools and debris.  This is crucial in the removal of amalgam (mercury) fillings.  While the drill uses water, the particles are trapped in the water and are immediately suctioned into the Isodry.  The larger chunks of fills can be removed manually as the airway is completely protected.  See the image below for the Isodry difference.

**It is important to remember that the life of every restoration is dependent on regular professional cleanings. Regular brushing is inadequate in cleaning the margins of the restorations.  If not properly cleaned plaque and bacteria can accumulate causing the restoration to fail.



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